Wilsonic Design is one of the leading design studios in Slovenia

We have been helping our clients build brands and design new products since 2000. In 2014 we have created our own brand ooh noo, which has set new standards in the design and creation of ecological, sustainable and minimalist interior design. The brand is hugely successful and present on all of the continents. We have also been awarded several design awards for the products in its collection.

Since we also came into contact with a large number of the world's top manufacturers of the trendiest items for a natural, beautifully designed home, we decided to combine this offer in the Miss Lemon store.

In it, we will make available products of the highest quality that we encounter in our work which nicely complement our philosophy.

In the Miss Lemon collection we have combined:

  • Natural, ecologically sustainable products
  • Beautifully designed products
  • High quality and minimalist products that our designers are proud to use in their home